04:00 (04:00, An Istanbul Nightmare)

A story about Istanbul -not our Istanbul, but another one almost identical, yet eerily different. Giray is a single man of thirty-five, who has built himself a cocoon of a life to find some inner peace. He's dragged into a missing children case, where he will have to use his special skills to fight the demons of the city, as well as his own.


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Praise for 04:00 in the press

On one hand [the book] can be read as a nice detective novel. On the other hand it is the story of a dark world where supernatural powers are in play. Istanbul, as described in the novel, is a city where pollution has hit its peak, where birds and people abruptly die and where poison pours down from the skies. An overcrowded city where the whole system has shut down. The urban development projects are built at the expense of those people who are supposed to benefit from them. Unexplained fires and landslides swallow whole neighbourhoods. This description of the city is what impresses the readers the most. Because that near-futuristic city where chaos reigns is in fact the city that we are living in right now. A megacity where the rich live hidden behind high walls, where people of different social classes are unable to communicate with each other, where poverty, traffic jams, murders and insanity are continually on the rise. Radikal Kitap, 28/09/2012

The novel is also about "that moment" between 03:59 and 04:00, an almost non-existent second that can sometimes last as long as a whole lifetime. 04:00 tells the story of a trip to the boundaries of the mind, an adventure to the subconsciousness. And it tells that story very beautifully. Akşam Kitap, 12/10/2012


Kar Kuyusu

(The Well of Snow)

A young woman named Nur opens a tiny crafts and jewels shop hidden behind the gentrified side streets of Beyoğlu. While most locals welcome her warmly to their neighbourhood, some old timers are not very pleased, to say the least. In fact, they are determined to protect their terrible secrets at all costs. Nur's frustrations over her new shop and a budding romantic affair suddenly turns into a battle to stay alive.

Küçük Yalanlar Kitabı

(The Book of Small Lies)

Istanbul in the 1930s… The top-down modernisation of the society has created an atmosphere of exuberance, as well as utter confusion. Faruk is a well meaning young clerk trying to follow in his despotic father's footsteps in bureaucracy. His wife, Rezan, yearns for the happy life she hears in the radio serials. Tevfik escapes the city to live as recluse with the ghost of his dead lover. Their stories intersect when a mysterious European gentleman visits Istanbul in search of a very valuable bulb of tulip.

47 Numaralı Kamara

(Cabin No. 47)

Hikmet Hukumenoglu is a horrendously narcissistic writer and the author of a cult novel that once brought him fame and fortune. Suffering a never-ending writer's block and desperate to finish his already publicised next book, he decides to hire a ghostwriter. This new novel, which is supposed to become his magnum opus, will be completed aboard a cruise ship. He is travelling with his lovely wife and his young apprentice. One of the three will decide how the story will conclude.

* * *


After receiving degrees in Physics and Business Administration, Hikmet Hukumenoglu (b. 1971) started working in the finance sector.

Ten years later he decided to pursue another path in life and he began drafting his first novel. Kar Kuyusu (The Well of Snow) was immediately picked up by a major publisher and published in 2005 to critical acclaim.

Hikmet continued writing novels and short stories, as well as translating contemporary literature to Turkish.

His darkest work, 04:00 (04:00, An Istanbul Nightmare) hit the shelves in 2012 and turned out be his most successful novel yet.

Hikmet is currently living in Istanbul and working on his fifth book.




  • Kar Kuyusu (The Well of Snow) - Everest Yayınları, 2005
  • Küçük Yalanlar Kitabı (The Book of Small Lies) - Everest Yayınları, 2007
  • 47 Numaralı Kamara (Cabin No. 47) - Everest Yayınları, 2010
  • 04:00 (04:00, An Istanbul Nightmare) - Everest Yayınları, 2012

Short Story

  • Balık Kokusu (The Smell of Fish) - included in the anthology Istanbul Noir, Akashic Books, 2008


  • İnsan Çatlatan Hayvan Öyküleri (Animal Crackers, Hannah Tinti) - Everest Yayınları, 2007


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